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11 major car maintenance tips you should know.


Good maintenance will increase your car life. There are 11 tips you should know about it which will give longer life of your car. Read the article, follow the tips, do maintenance your car accordingly and get smooth driving.

1. Check Oil Quantity: Before go on roads with your car check car’s oil quantity first. Every car has a limit to fulfill the oil. If the oil quantity more or less than limit, in both cases it may danger for your car health.

Car oil check

If your car don’t have required amount of oil or oil level is below the limit, in this condition if you drive your car, it is clear that you are going to make an accident. Oil is lubricant which is used to reduce the friction between the moving parts, cool down the moving parts and cleaning the moving parts. So if you drive the car with insufficient oil, over heating may occur due to poor lubrication even it may be the cause of malfunction in engine. Finally accident may happen or engine may shut. Sufficient oil will give you smooth running of your engine. So put out the dipstick to check oil quantity and fulfill according to engine requirement, then fitted back and secured the dipstick. You have to change the oil after a period of time according to manufacturer manual of definite car to keep the engine fit.

Car tire pressure check

2. Check Wheels for Tire and Tire Pressure: On your regular check list you should add the tires to check serviceability of its. Check tire for any cut and inflation. You may drive your car on dusty road sometimes where may have glass, metal chips, rocks, locking wire, wood debris and so on which may damage your tires so check for that if there is any like this put it out and check depth if it is abnormal replace it with spare one. You should check the wear bar and tread of tire each day if the wear bar and tread level are same change the tire for your better safety. Check your car tires pressure what should be within limit. If the tire pressure is below the limit what will create excessive rolling resistance and drag of wheels. It will interrupt the smooth running of car and heavier load will be applied on your car’s engine which may lead to excessive fuel consumption as well as engine life may reduce. Due to less pressure both side of tire will come in contact more with road as a result both side wear of tire will occur which will decrease the life of tires.  On the other hand, if the tires are inflated more which may danger for your car. Because, blowout of tire is the cause of more inflation and which may liable to make an accident. Center of tire will get more contact on road due to over inflation which is the cause of center tire wear. Check tire pressure with tire pressure gauge and fill it according to manufacturer manual.

3. Check Wheels for Alignment: You should check the accuracy of wheels alignment. If your car’s wheel alignment is improper in that case your car will always tends to move sideways during driving as well as you will not get expected speed of car. Controlling of car will be a bit difficult for driver. Misalignment of wheel is the great cause of tire wear rapidly which will lose your tire’s life too. Excessive fuel consumption may occur for misalignment of wheels. If you observe any abnormal tire wear on either inside or outer side shoulder of tire which indicate the misalignment of wheels. Always keep your eyes on tire if such happen fix your tire at correct position for good alignment.

4. Check the Brakes: Don’t believe yourself your car brake system will work better without checking it. Check brake for good operation before going on roads. Among all causes which can prevent accident nothing can be compared with brake system. Because, only brake may reduce speed or even can stop your car instantly if require which prevent the road accident. You should check your car brake fluid and pads.

Brake Fluid: Keep your car brake fluid within limit. If brake fluid is below the limit, your car will not be stopped accurately. Insufficient brake fluid is the cause of air entering into the brake system which is liable for faulty brake. Also check the color of brake fluid, if it is blackish color then replace it for better maintenance.

Brake Pads: Your car brake pads will tell you when it needs to be changed. If you get squealing sound from your brake pads which is clear sign to change the brake pads. Abnormal wear of brake pad is the cause to listen squeal sound. So do not delay to change brake pads after listening it because faulty brake pads may damage your rotor. So change your pads timely to save your money and rotor.

Check brake lining and shoes for serviceability.

5. Check Power steering fluid: If steering wheel is not smooth to turn and if you get noise during turning then you should check the power steering fluid level which may below the limit and it is clear that your car steering system is faulty or may have leak which will effect on your steering performance. Do not drive your car continue with low or empty steering fluid because your car power steering pump may damage.

6. Transmission Fluid: Car transmission fluid is used to cool, to clean and to lubricate the transmission components which enhance the transmission power of car. Basically, the color of transmission fluid is red. During checking the transmission fluid, if you see it is black which indicate the problem of transmission. Burning smell is also indicates the same problem. Have a close look on transmission fluid for metal chips. If there is any metal chips which the clear sign of damaging or worn out the gears.

7. Windshield Wipers fluid: Windshield Wipers fluid has also importance like others car fluid. This fluid is used to clean the car windshield during running the car. If your windshield is not clear enough which will reduce visibility even accident may happen due to poor visibility. So to enlarge your visibility for smooth driving, keep your car windshield always clear. Check your windshield wipers fluid for availability. Remember if your car in under 32⁰c, then do not forget to add coolant with windshield wipers fluid.

8. Check Car Lighting System: Check all lighting system of your car for serviceability. Faulty lighting system may cause of accident. Specially headlights, left and right turning signal lights, reversing lights, braking signal lights, warning indicator lights at instrument panel on which you should keep your eyes regularly. Your light will tell other road user what you are going to do with your car. Also some light will tell you about your car status.

9. Check Car Battery: Check your battery for any leakage of battery fluid or electrolyte and corrosion. If you find any of them these are problem of your battery. Due to formation of corrosion your battery will not be charged properly. Add distilled water if needed.

10. Check Antifreeze or Coolant Condition: Check the availability of antifreeze or coolant. If your car don’t have required amount of coolant it will affect your car to run smoothly. Insufficient coolant either may overheat or freeze your car. To check the condition of coolant you should use a hydrometer what will tell you working capability of your coolant as well as show you the level of coolant. Antifreeze and coolant are same thing for a car which is a liquid and prevent the radiator of car from overheating and freezing. Ethylene glycol or propylene glycol are used to make coolant which mixed with water in radiator of car to maximize the boiling point and minimize the freezing point of water. Generally, people may suggest you to change the coolant twice in a year, once before coming summer and another before winter but you should follow your car’s manufacturer manual to change coolant for getting good result.

11. Air Filter: Inspect the visual condition of air filter for any dirt. A small foreign object in the engine obviously dangerous for it and which may cause of engine contamination. So never allow a foreign object in engine if it is too small. Generally, fuel filter in fuel system and air filter of air intake may liable for entering dirt in the engine if the filters are faulty either both or any of them. If you drive your car in dusty area then you should take more care about the filtering system of your car. When the air filter get somewhat clogged which will reduces the air supply and can cause of rich mixture which will increase the fuel consumption as well as carbon may form on spark plugs. Due to rich mixture detonation may occur. As the filters are critical component so take care about it a bit more. During every oil change inspect it too and if require change it. The best method is to follow the manufacturer manual and do action accordingly.