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best windshield wipers 2018

Best Windshield Wiper Blades Review of 2018

As a standard for all cars today, wiper blades have been invented about 100 years ago, what was first introduced in 1902 by a beautiful lady called Mary Anderson . The rain and snow caused the slow driving experience and then the lady invented it. Although after many years of hard work, it has not been mass-produced.
Subsequently, in 1917 J. R. Oishei, the president of today’s trico company, produced the first commercial wiper blades. With the development in recent years, trico has become one of the global automotive wiper blades system suppliers.

However, a car has certain characteristics necessary to be considered safe. One of those characteristics is the clarity that the windshield provides and its performance when exposed to the elements. As we are talking about a flat and sliding surface, there are always accessories that will help to perform much better the performance of parts such as the windshield. The windshield wiper blade is of vital importance when it comes to needing more clarity on the road. Of these, it is necessary to keep the surface of the windshield in good condition in the face of the impact of the water or the garbage residues that can adhere to the glass surface.
We already get tired of getting the ineffective models of windshield wiper blades as they get damaged quickly. To avoid the heavy rain making hellish noise and blurring the front glass, having the most effective car wipers is most important so that you may avoid accidents and keep your life safe.

To buy a windshield wiper blade requires a review of a series of key aspects that will lead you to make a suitable choice for your real needs.

What is the Best Windshield Wiper Blade?

Now a days, you will get thousands type of wiper blades to use which are made by different types of company but all aren’t usable for their poor quality. The best approach to get the good quality windshield wiper blade is carrying out a comprehensive investigation about best windshield wipers. It has been observed that some drivers prefer cheaper options and end up paying too much. In fact, majority of the drivers want quality of windshield wipers and thus the price should not be the deciding factor. Ensure you get the right first quality before checking if it works with your budget. You need to thoroughly know the specifications, its pros and cons, how will they benefit, and once you have all these details, you can easily take your right decision. Although it requires a lot of your valuable time and research to gather this information, you do not have to do it anymore. We present everything for you. If you are looking for an affordable and good quality model which one will give smooth, reliable and long service, we have exactly what you are looking for and we have condensed everything into a useful comparative list with the best 5 in the market. In all the options that we will show you next you will be able to find windscreen wipers of the best marks and with the most complete characteristics that assure exceptional performance and durability.


1. Bosch Aerotwin Series Windshield Wiper


Why is the Bosch best?- One of the famous German company is Bosch. Robert Bosch GmbH is the founder of this company. It has a wiper blades factory in Tienen city of Belgium, which is the biggest wiper factory in the world and produces about 350 millions windscreen wiper blades in a day. Obviously they produce according to their consuming rate. This huge number of production and consumption make proof about the popularity of Bosch windscreen wiper blades. After getting this production info you should not have any query about the quality of this wiper blades. But I suggest you to check why is it best? Read continue.

Bosch is a company that is known to have its production of a bunch of products of excellent quality, from the mower to the washing machine. Bosch is one of those brands that produce quality products simply because of their outstanding trajectory and that they have earned the trust of the people for their high performance products, good prices and excellent variety. In this case, they offer us a robust model with an innovative design and the greatest comfort for any user.
So when we saw that they are also producing wipers, we were rather excited and happy to discover the best wiper blades.

One of the advantages is that they offer pre-purchase assistance so that any buyer knows if certain model of windshield wipers is suitable for their vehicle. The model we are talking about is the Aerotwin, the most versatile model, which fits almost all the most common car models. Bosch offers this model in several sizes and versions; you will need to find the one that fits your vehicle. It is compatible for several models of different manufacturers such as Kia, Hyundai, Ford, Chevrolet, Citroën, Renault, Opel, Peugeot and much more.

When they come to choosing a particular wiper, many people will need to be convinced because there is always a cheaper alternative. The reason you should buy this model is quite simple, indeed it has a very interesting feature.
These comfortable and silent brushes clean well and one of them measures 450 mm long, while the other reaches 600 mm.
According to Bosch, this wiper features a dual rubber squeegee, which prevents many of the problems that single wiper blades cannot encounter. For starters, it is composed of Double FX rubber, which allows the squeegee of the wiper to be silent. You will not hear this rather disturbing and distracting scraping sound of classic wiper. In addition, this wiper has a lifetime 40% longer than normal, so if it rains a lot, it’s a really important asset.
Although at first glance we thought that was not really the case, but after checking and other tests, we realized that yes, the Aerotwin wiper is really good. It has a sleek design without bindings along, which can worry about its strength, but do not worry it is really solid. It’s Bosch quality. Moreover, this design makes it possible to avoid any risk of accumulation of ice and snow, or even of leaves that get stuck.
The blades of this wiper are equipped with steel spring, ensuring that a constant and uniform force is applied by the blade on the windshield. This may seem unnecessary, but it is essential to keep the wiper in good condition over time and use.
Finally, we were pleasantly surprised to see that these Bosch wipers are very quiet when they work. We could even forget that they are in operation if they do not pass before our eyes. Their silent feature can be a very interesting asset for anyone who does not like the annoying sound that all wipers are known for when they are running.
To conclude, the Bosch Aerotwin series is one of the most successful series of wipers. They can sometimes be a bit more expensive depending on the models but overall they remain at a fair price. But safety at the wheel is priceless, and it goes through the windshield wipers. These are without a doubt the best you can offer your car in 2019.

Installation of Bosch Aerotwin Wiper



*** Bosch ICON 26A Wiper Blades- Our top choice & Best one.

Why the Bosch is best?- One of the famous German company is Bosch. Robert Bosch GmbH is the founder of this company. It has a wiper blades factory in Tienen city of Belgium, which is the biggest wiper factory in the world and produces about 350 millions windscreen wiper blades in a day. Obviously they produce according to their consuming rate. This huge number of production and consumption make proof about the popularity of Bosch windscreen wiper blades. After getting this production info you should not have any query about the quality of this wiper blades. But I suggest you to check why it is best? Read this article below continue.

It is best because of it’s:

  1. Construction:




How to install in this video?



When was the last time you really cared about your Wiper Blades? Probably you were on a hurry and all of a sudden it started pouring.  Then you came to realize that things were not okay with your wiper blades and there are only smudges across your windshield. Surely you did put yourself in an absolute quagmire and think to yourself, “Enough is enough, this time I must change those wiper blades”.

Contrary to a prevailing belief, wiper blades are a very crucial safety feature to your car and it is as important as having good brakes. Proper visibility is synonymous to safe driving and this is why you should inspect your wiper blades on regular basis. Considering the importance of this feature, we are going to give you a brief assessment on the available wiper blades in the market. With a bit justification, you can decide afterwards which one you should go for.



Bosch ICON

We go through hundreds of products before coming to this conclusion and it is our finding that no other wiper blades can match the overall performance of Bosh ICON within an affordable budget range. You will get surprised by its performances throughout the year including all seasons. Moreover Bosch ICON will last longer due to its long-lasting dual-rubber blade structure.







AERO Premium All-Season

Looking for something cheaper yet delivers stern performance? Stop your quest for best affordable wiper blades here and buy AERO Premium All-Season. This beam-style wiper’s compatibility is astounding and all you will get a stable streak-free performance from it. Not only this, AERO Premium All season has Teflon coating and it can be considered as the best all-season wiper for budget-conscious buyers.




Michelin Stealth Hybrid 8022

If you think it as a bracket blade or a real beam wiper then you are not solely right. This robust wiper is made up of sturdy Smart Flex blade design and it can endure almost all sorts of weather ranging from snow & ice to extreme heat. If you are looking for something that will work smoothly throughout the years, go for it.



PIAA 95055 Super Silicone:

Tired of the conventional wiper blades? You should check out this silicone wiper. Unlike other available silicone wiper blades in market, PIAA offers you warranty that is surely a point to be noted. Most importantly, PIAA is long-lasting.







Though we do not change rear wiper blades often, still whenever we decide to do so, we should go for the best one. If you consider price, quality and durability then ANCO AR-14B should be your choice. This OEM-type wiper is available in several lengths. Last of all but not the least; this blade is famous for its compatibility issue due to its array of arm attachments.

















Wiper Blades for Dummies:

So here is a sort yet effective wiper blades buying guide for you!



This is a very important question and you must decide which one you would like to choose and most notably will it serve your purpose? Both Beam-type and Bracket-type blades have shared popularity in the market. Bracket-type wiper is the widely used wiper whereas the beam-type wiper is relatively new to the market but gaining popularity rapidly. With the help of a metal frame, a rubber blade gets featured in bracket wipers. In order to flush it against the windshield, it places pressure on the blade at particular joints. The linked brackets are designed to make this process feasible. On the other hand, beam-type blades use extensive rubberized housing that surrounds a rod of spring steel which doles out force more squarely across the windshield. Latest model vehicles those come with greater windshield curvature usually feature beam wipers and supposedly these are more expensive than the bracket-type blades.



You should not expect that your wipers will last for infinite time and regardless of the brand and type, wipers will ultimately wear out. This is because wipers endure extreme environment and the elements get exposed. However, the longevity can be increased with the integration of state-of-the-art design features that will improve the performance in all seasons.  Now the question is which one you should buy between the Beam-type and Bracket-type when it comes to weather resistance issue? The answer is simple. Beam blades are superior to Bracket-type blades in this case because of its exclusive design. Unlike the Beam-type blades, the metal frames of Bracket-type blades get exposed to snow, ice and many more things and the corrosive nature lessens the longevity of the wiper.  Recently, there are wiper blades in market those come with different sort of coating like silicone, Teflon etc. Thus coating has revolutionized the way other wiper blades deal with extreme weather and enhance the durability at large scale.



The next thing you should get concerned about the size of wiper. You just cannot pick a random size and expect it to get fit in your car. The required size depends on your vehicle’s model and how it is built. Even you may be required to buy two different sizes of blades. The best is to look for information in your owner’s manual or take help from an expert regarding the size. There are no universal mount for wipers, some companies use hook-type mount where some use pins-type or pinch tabs perhaps. Some brands use multiple adapters to widen the compatibility.



Even though the most premium wipers are not that expensive at all, still we should analyze the price considering the fact that you may have to replace your wipers very often. Most of the users tend to buy cheaper blades and replace it whenever needed instead of purchasing a premium one. A regular pair of cheap wiper blades should cost you around 15-20 dollar.