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Four Special Operating Mistakes in The Car

With these four operating mistakes in the car, it is also easy to lead to danger and even to destroy the car.

After buying a car, many people want to know more about how to maintain this one. However, for the car, many people do not know the details. These small details that are often overlooked will not only increase the wear and tear of auto parts, but may even cause danger. Obviously, these four misunderstandings must be avoided as much as possible.

Car in turning

Some people may say that I don’t brake during turning on road too fast. Is it waiting to push or even lose control? In fact, before entering the corner, the driver can adjust his speed in advance according to the magnitude of the curve so that he does not need to step on the brakes. Because of applying the brakes on corner, there will be significant differences in the wear of the left and right tires over a long period of time. And when the brakes are applied to the brakes, the difference in force between the tires will be increased and the roll angle will be increased.

Follow the car overtaking

This is common in two-way, two-lane, non-closed national or provincial roads and on country roads. Due to the excessive number of one-way traffic, when a chance of overtaking occurs, several vehicles will be seen arranging and passing. In fact, this is very dangerous, because the front vehicle blocks most of the front view. Once suddenly there is a fast speed car, the front car will immediately return to the original lane, and the rear car will not necessarily have space to carry out the line. . This is a dilemma, and it is easy to have a crash.

Fuel tank warning light is on and you continue to drive

When you see the tank warning light on, you know that there is not much fuel left in the fuel tank. Although it is still possible to continue driving for several kilometers at this time, it is necessary to know that the position of gasoline pumps for many cars is at the bottom of the tank. The fuel pump is cooled by fuel. When the fuel is too low, the fuel pump will not be able to cool the pump. What may make malfunction in fuel pump and may cause of failure of the pump.

Airbag location where items are placed

Many people like to decorate their cars, for example, putting some small items on the interior to make the car look better. Decoration can, but do not place accessories in the position of the airbag. Because the airbag triggers in the event of a collision, the airbag will pop up at a speed of 300km/h, producing an impact force of approximately 180kg. If items are placed on the airbag, the item will be ejected and wounded.