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Overfilling Effect of Car Engine Oil

Will it be harmful if overfilled the engine oil?

For a car, the oil is the lubricant of a car engine, which lubricates, cools, cleans, seals, and rusts the engine. Without the oil, the engine is like a heart without blood, and it can’t work normally. Some car owners want to better understand the car, so they add excessive oil. They think that, if more oil is added, lubrication of the engine may be better, but the result is exactly the opposite. The general risk of excessive oil is: engine power loss, too much oil will break into the combustion chamber, engine burns oil, exhaust blue smoke is emitted during the discharge, the oil consumption is significantly increased, the carbon deposit inside the engine is increased, and even the early combustion, knocking, and pulling of the cylinder cause serious damage to the engine.

So what if the engine oil of the car is increased?
Example: Overfilling the engine oil leads to oil seepage.

When Mr. car owner talked about his car, he regretted it. Mr. car owner bought a new car in December last year, and also drove home by car during the New Year of his country. Since the first maintenance was 5,000 kilometers or three months, Mr. car owner thought that maintenance is nothing more than changing the oil, no need to go to the car service center. To do maintenance, the first time is free maintenance, so I decided to use it in the second maintenance. Therefore, Mr. car owner bought oil in his hometown and replaced it in a small repair shop in his hometown. As a result, car owner’s oil was bought more and he was not willing to lose it. He told the repair shop to fill up as much as possible. As a result, during the Spring Festival, the car began to see oil seepage, and there was a phenomenon of burning oil.

After that Mr. car owner worried about driving the car back to his destination, he immediately drove the car to the car service center for inspection. After checking it by car service center staff, I told Mr. car owner that, this phenomenon occurs in cars, mainly because of the reason that Mr. car owner had overfilled the engine oil. Now the car engine has more carbon deposits, and the combustion chamber burns the oil because it was too full.

Opinion: More adding the oil will hurt the car.

In this regard, car maintenance professional said that many car owners always think that oil is to be full is a good thing. In fact, if the engine oil is increased, it hurts the car. Because the car needs to maintain the effect of the smoothing agent in order to maintain the benign lubrication of the bearing and the journal. Otherwise, it will aggravate the wear and even caused the burning of the shaft, which will easily increase the running resistance of each mechanism. However, if the oil is added more, it will easily cause the oil to fly, which may cause the combustion chamber to burn oil and produce carbon deposits.

Car maintenance professional suggest the owners of the car, similar to the maintenance of the car, such as adding oil, changing tires, etc. Owner should hand over it to the repair shop professionals to deal with.

What need to be done, if the engine oil is increased?

1. If there are too many, you can release some oil from the oil drain point at the bottom. Remind you that you must wait until the engine temperature drops before draining the oil to avoid burns! If you don’t know how to deal with it for a while, the suggestion is to go to the repair shop to find a professional to help you for  solving it.

2. The method of pumping oil, this is homemade method to suck the oil, you may use it for yourself. Use the syringe + plastic tube to drip excess oil to suck out. There are also scales on the medical plastic tube, which is easy to understand about the amount of oil. But don’t operate when the oil is too hot, keep your hands steady. Otherwise, the oil may sprayed onto the belt and the cup. Do not insert the plastic tube too deeply, otherwise it is very likely to be broken inside.

Whether you are relying on yourself or looking for a professional solution, do keep in mind that you must get the extra oil out, otherwise it will be a problem and regret it will be too late.

Please note the following:

1. Stop the car during checking the engine oil, tighten the parking brake. Then start the engine, when the normal operating temperature is reached, then turn off the engine. Wait for few minutes, let the oil flow back to the oil sump. Then remove the oil dipstick, dry it and insert it, and then re-check out the oil level. If it is between the “lowest (L)” and “highest (H)” marks on the lower end of the dipstick. It means that the oil quantity is normal. If it is lower than “MIN”, it is necessary to add the appropriate amount of engine oil.

2. Under normal circumstances, the normal liquid level of the oil is between the upper and lower limits of the oil dipstick. Below the lower limit will result in lower oil pressure and may result in poor lubrication, but short-term use will not have a particularly serious impact on the engine.

If you add more oil and don’t take care about it, thinking that it will be fine for a while. Car oil is added more, just like people eat too much fat a day, something must happen sooner or later. In such cases, be sure to deal with it as soon as possible. Don’t be naive to think about actively burning or consuming, you can reduce the pressure on the car. This is very bad for your car. The crankcase oil seal and piston ring will be worn out. Absolute carbon is more than normal, and the secondary combustion gas is relatively more oily. As the saying goes, “Oil can be added less, not more.” If the car accidentally add more oil, owner must deal with it as soon as possible to avoid causing more serious losses.