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Reversing of Car Tips

The car which we drive is required to be parked somewhere in the shed or in the place meat for. The shed, parking garage and the place meat for usually are not a big area where any body can park the car by moving it forward. As such the car needs to be reversed. (Note:This article for right hand drive car)


The following precautions must be taken before reversing a car:

  • See the slow running of your car is correct.
  • Be sure about the backside of your car. There must not be any obstacle. If you stay on free space sometimes children may play with the tail board; animals may sleep or take rest under the car and passer-by suddenly passes through backside.
  • Remove all the chocks and blocks which are put for the safety precautions.
  • See the parking place is clear. There is nothing to dash with.
  • Be sure that you can see the rear view. If you can not see then take the help of other man who can give the signal.
  • If there is any possibility to hit the back side wall, keep two blocks at a safe distance from the wall at the rear.

    The following procedures should be observed by all the drivers while reversing of vehicle or car:

  • Sit on the driver’s seat and start the engine, engage in reverse gear and hold the steering by left hand.
  • Leave the accelerator.
  • Look towards back side from right hand side door, open the door, keep right hand on the door, bend towards the right side, try to see the rear side right wheel, or see the rear side from the cabin of the car and keep aim to the center of the tail board.
  • Keep the sharp look out in the front and at the rear. Try to keep front wheels straight.
  • Leave the clutch gradually so that it helps to move the car smoothly. Keep the foot on the clutch.
  • Do not give acceleration. Let it go on slow running.
  • If you can not judge the distance, stop the car and come out and see the surrounding.
  • If it is too difficult to position the car at the expected place. Take the help of another man who can give you signal.
  • After reversing is done see that the front wheels are straight.
  • Put the car in the center of the parking place or garage.