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Touch Up Pen

The touch-up pen is a kind of auto scratch repair tool, and it can be selected according to the original color of the paint. After applying a touch up paint on small scratches or peelings of paint, the scratches can be repaired, masked, and filled. The composition of the paint pen is generally the original car paint, because the car model is different, so different cars can only use a dedicated paint pen.

Touch up pen instructions:


Before the refinishing, first clean the damaged parts, and use a very fine water-sandpaper to dip the water to gently remove the rust. Clean it completely and apply a layer of primer so that the rust will not be enlarged and aggravated. If it is a new scratch damage directly after the wipe can be coated with a primer, to be coated with the primer after the dry, and then use water sandpaper to grind it, and then use paint pen to color treatment. The primer has the effect of preventing rust and increasing the adhesion of the table paint. Do not be lazy and smear it with a paint pen.

a) Quick-drying: Due to the use of environmental restrictions, make-up pen must have the characteristics of normal temperature and quick drying, otherwise it is easy to cause flow or dust and other effects affect the appearance;
b) Versatility: The paint pen is modulated according to the standard color and has certain versatility. However, as described in the above-mentioned color adjustment principle, it cannot be completely suitable for various vehicles with different aging degrees, and the color difference may be more than one-to-one modulation color and spray paint is bigger;

For scratches that are large, long and dark, the paint pen can only be used for temporary cover-ups and cannot achieve the same effect as scratching.

Classification of its:
Topcoats are generally classified as: plain paint, metallic paint, and pearlescent paint. Ordinary paint is a mixture of resin, pigment, and additives. Metallic paint is based on ordinary paint, adding aluminum powder to make it look bright after painting, like metal. As for pearlescent paint, mica particles are added on the basis of ordinary paint. Since mica is thin and reflective, it will look colorful after spraying pearlescent paint.
Again, the paint color, the more colorful the general color, the more expensive the price, the white car paint is the cheapest. But one thing to note is that no matter what color of car paint, it will fade under the sun. At this time, the additives in the paint are important, such as light stabilizers and antioxidants. Good additives tend to be expensive, because good additives determine the feel of the paint.

1) For smaller scars (such as pebbles, slender hard objects scratches) as long as the purchase paint pen, with the brush attached directly to the wound can be on the deeper scratches, as long as repeatedly painted several times to achieve the desired effect;
2) Because the paint pen is very different from the smear method and the professional spray paint process, there will be a little color difference between the paint and the original paint. After 2 to 3 days, the paint film will be completely dry, and then use 2000 water sandpaper or abrasives will have better polishing and polishing effects;
3) Do not unscrew the cap when the product is tapped or inverted to avoid paint escaping;
4) Keep in a cool and out of reach of children;
5) Do not touch the skin or inhale volatile gases;
6) This product cannot be used for other purposes;
7) If the touch up pen is not used for a long time, it will dry easily.