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Wiper Summer Maintenance Tips

The hot summer has arrived and thunderstorms that accompany the summer have tested a winter wiper that has been refreshed. But whenever it is necessary to use a wiper, it is found that this wiper has problems like this – the wiper is not clear, the sound of the wiper is abnormal… In order to have a clear picture in this long summer driving vision, let’s learn how to maintain and use the wiper of the vehicle today. It is also most important to use best windshield wiper blades.

Wiper maintenance and usage guide
How to clean the wiper properly:

Wiper scratches are unclear. First, we should check whether there is stain on the wiper blade. We should use ordinary water to clean the wiper blade, and wipe the water while removing the stain on the wiper blade in one direction. Do not use a high-pressure water gun to spray on the wipers, and do not use cleaning agents such as detergents that will make rubber aging.

Parking in an open-air parking lot under the hot sun should erect a wiper:

Vehicles parked in the hot sun, the windshield temperature is very high, can reach 50-60 degrees Celsius. The wiper strips, originally attached to the windshield, will accelerate aging due to high temperatures. Therefore, when the vehicle is parked in the outdoor parking lot, we should erect the wiper to prevent the wiper strip from coming into contact with the hot glass and extend the service life of the wiper.

Please add wiper cleaner:

There are a variety of wiper cleaners on the market, providing lubrication and cleaning functions when wipers are wiped. The cleaning agent does not accelerate the rubber aging of the wiper strip, but also improves the wiping effect of the wiper. The wiper cleaning agent only needs to be added to the wiper kettle when a certain amount of wiper water is added.

Please use a dedicated car cleaner:

General household laundry soaps or detergents and other cleaning products will contain ammonia or chlorine components, which will lead to accelerated aging of the rubber. Never wash your car while trying to use cheaper cleaners. Use special detergents for car washes to protect the car’s wipers and other rubber parts.

Wiper purchase and follow the strategy

How to choose the right wiper strip:

Selecting the proper wiper strip requires attention in two aspects: one is the length of the wiper; the other is the type of wiper snap.

General large-brand wiper packaging will indicate the size of the product. There are even some manufacturers who directly print the ruler on the outer package of the wiper product to facilitate the measurement of the length of the wiper. Before purchasing a wiper, we should measure the length of the original wiper so that it is perfectly safe for purchase.

The wiper snap is a mechanism used on the wiper to fix the wiper to the vehicle wiper bracket. There are many kinds of wiper clips. The “U” type buckles that this article will introduce are more common in the market. Only wipers with the same snap can be interchanged. Therefore, before buying a wiper, we must first understand what type of snap is used by the wipers used in our vehicles.

Wiper replacement Raiders:

Let’s demonstrate how to change the wiper of the vehicle.

Whether it is to remove or install a wiper, we need to prepare a thick cloth. After removing the wiper, we need to place the cloth between the windshield and the wiper bracket to prevent the erected wiper bracket from springing back and breaking the windshield.

The removal process is shown above. First, loosen the lock on the wiper to lock the wiper; then, push the wiper down to release the “U” hook of the wiper bracket; finally, remove the wiper by wearing it out.
The installation process was the reverse of the removal process. We used a new windscreen wiper installed for the relevant installation demonstration. With the experience of removing the wiper, the installation becomes relatively simple. Pull the wiper bracket “U” hook into the buckle of the wiper, and then lock the locking buckle on the wiper.

After the explanation of this article, the owners should have a more comprehensive understanding of how to properly maintain the wiper and choose and install the wiper. I hope this article will help you with your car and car care.